SIU/Anti-Fraud Program

When a claim rises to the level of potential fraud, it’s time to take the next step and call in the experts. The Contego SIU team consists of former Department of Insurance Fraud Analysts and insurance carrier SIU leaders. Years of experience identifying, documenting, and assisting state agencies prosecute insurance fraud has earned Contego the reputation as one of the most effective 3rd party SIU solutions in the space.

In addition to assisting with individual fraudulent claims, Contego offers SIU and Compliance training, state reporting, and state mandated anti-fraud plans across the country to a wide variety of small and medium sized carriers and self-insured entities.


Contego is a proud member of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. For more information, please visit


Our SIU and Fraud Services:

Anti-fraud plan development
State compliance
Anti-fraud training
Research and data analytics
Due diligence
Field investigative oversight
Investigative plan development
Law enforcement conduit
Fraud referral filing
Fraud prosecution
Pursue restitution
Investigate medical provider fraud
Clinic inspections
Examinations under oath
Premium fraud investigations
24/7 Fraud hotline

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What Sets Us Apart

Review of every First Report of Injury (FROI)
Review of every investigative report
24/7 operation of dozens of fact finders
Dedicated Fraud Manager overseeing law enforcement referrals
Relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, making fraud referrals and investigations run smoother and conclude faster than other SIU departments

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